David Rowbottam

Managing Director

WHL Energy Ltd


Mr Rowbottam was appointed as Managing Director of WHL Energy in October 2013 after more than 2 years in the role of Finance Director.

Mr Rowbottam was previously the founding Managing Director of Exoma Energy Limited, an ASX listed US focused oil and gas exploration company from July 2007 through to March 2010.  In this role Mr Rowbottam led the management team and was responsible for overseeing the company ASX listing and gained experience in managing offshore assets. Prior to this role, Mr Rowbottam worked as a senior financial executive with international and Australian companies.

Mr Rowbottam has extensive experience as a General Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Controller and Company Secretary and had held senior management positions with a number of companies including Antares Energy Ltd, Alinta Group and the BHP Group.

David Rowbottam