Hon Evode Imena

Minister of State in charge of Mining

Republic of Rwanda


Hon. Evode Imena is the Minister of State in charge of Mining at the Ministry of Natural Resources, appointed on the 26th February 2013 in a new post in the Cabinet due to the importance of the mining sector to the economic development of Rwanda. His roles are to oversee all mining related activities, policy formulation and implementation of existing policies, oversee geological research and mineral exploration activities, and to liaise with other ministries and international agencies to implement government programs in the mining sector.

Prior to becoming a Minister of State, he was acting as the Director of Mineral Exploration Unit at Rwanda Natural Resources Authority for a year and he worked in the same department for 3 years as a principle geologist, an institution that lies under the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Mr. Imena holds a Masters in Sciences (Maîtrise en sciences) in geology with specialization in Metallogeny from Cadi Ayyad University in Morocco.

Hon Evode Imena