Africa Down Under Football Cup

Paydirt Media and Football West are hosting the annual ADU Football Cup - a celebration of Perth’s African football culture. Teams from across Perth’s African communities will compete, and we want your support!

Sponsorship contributions will provide each team with a football jersey featuring your company logo and a bag of new footballs. Your support will also provide a 10-pack of footballs for a community children’s program in attendance.

Thursday 30 August 2018
Langley Park, Perth (bottom of Hill Street)

15:30/16:00 - 20:00 *times subject to change

For sponsorship opportunities or interest in registering to play on a team, please phone 08 9321 0355.

View footage from 2018 Africa Down Under Football Cup here

Football West

As Western Australia’s governing body for football, Football West is proud to be associated with the Africa Down Under Conference. With a strong ‘football for all’ focus, Football West conducts participatory and development activities for all members of the WA community and increasingly in recent years has focused on the emerging African community as they settle in Perth and surrounding areas. A very special welcome to all our international visitors - hopefully our paths can cross on the football pitch at Langley Park. Please come down and visit us on this occasion as members of the local African community come together in a celebration of the world game for the African Down Under Cup!

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